/Aspiring more and more comforts is not enough

Aspiring more and more comforts is not enough

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One of the disadvantages of modern culture is, it is expert in concealing or denying the miseries of the material world. We can surely work on decreasing the miseries as much as possible. But modern culture doesn’t educate people that this material world is a place of misery. Modern civilization promises that things will be alright here itself. By getting a faster internet connection or quicker airline travel, this world is not going to become a paradise. If one believes that then that person is living with a false hope which will never come true.
Providing material comforts and reducing sufferings is not wrong, it’s like a doctor giving the pain killer. But along with pain killer, the doctor also has to give main medicine for the disease. Our disease is that we have forgotten our relationship with God and trying to be happy in this world of miseries without him. We have to work on developing our relationship with God and going beyond this world. Path of yoga teaches us how to function in this world with fewer miseries and also how to go beyond this world.

Vivek Bansal
Yoga Philosophy and Motivational Speaker at Rishikesh Yogapeeth, Rishikesh.