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Yoga Teacher Training in Himalayas: Kalimpong, (Darjeeling) India

200-hour residential hatha yoga teacher training in Himalayas (Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200), beginners courses & retreats in Kalimpong, India. This course is run in collaboration with Anandavan Yog Peeth, which has its roots in Rishikesh Yog Peeth. The faculty and course is shared between the two schools. It is our aim to be a part of the world-wide community that is spreading Yoga to benefit all people. We will attempt to deepen our own understanding and share this with all those who come to us. Throughout history, in India, people have been drawn to the mighty Himalayas in their quest for knowledge and practice. There is a special energy in these mountains that aids this aspiration. East Indian Himalayas bestowed with beauty and positive energy have been the destination of spiritual tourists from Tibet and elsewhere from centuries. This is one of the reasons we decided to locate our sister school in the North-eastern Himalayas of India in Kalimpong. Darjelling

We believe Yoga is a gift to entire humanity and its teaching and practice is a much needed antidote to the stress and suffering of our lives. We also believe that India, the birth place of Yoga, has a special responsibility to continue to perpetuate and spread this message of Yoga to the world in its original essence, while embracing the insights of modern science to add to, and not take away the original spirit and meaning of Yoga. We are conscious of this responsibility and its importance. We will make sincere efforts to teach the right things in the right way—the way it was meant to be and the way Yoga Alliance USA requires us to do.


200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kalimpong - 2016 ~ 2017

Our 200 Hour RYT program certified by Yoga Alliance USA is aimed at providing you the basics of Hatha Yoga—which was the original Yoga as taught by the ancient Masters. This is a “no-frills” attempt to preserve the original teachings that have evolved over the centuries in India. At the same time, we lay stress on providing a scientific understanding of the asanas in execution and alignment with knowledge of anatomy. We believe that the philosophical facet of Yoga is equally, if not more important, and we have designed our course to lay special emphasis on understanding the basic Sankhya-Yoga philosophy. At the end of this course you should have a good grounding on the basic and important philosophical aspects of Yoga. We give our full and undivided attention to our students. Our classes are small in size and do not exceed 8~12 people. Our course will provide a natural understanding of Hatha yoga in a structured and logical way. This includes practice and theory as per the course requirement of Yoga Alliance USA.

We also arrange two excursions in and around Kalimpong during the course so you can experience the culture and the spirit of the Himalayas.

» 18 January 2016 to 13 February 2016 :: US$ 1200 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 20 ) :: Fully Booked
» 29 February 2016 to 26 March 2016 :: US$ 1200 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200) :: Fully Booked
» 04 April 2016 to 30 April 2016 :: US$ 1200 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200) :: Fully Booked
» 05 September 2016 to 01 October 2016 :: US$ 1200 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200) :: Fully Booked
» 03 October 2016 to 29 October 2016 :: US$ 1200 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200 ):: Fully Booked
» 07 November 2016 to 03 December 2016 :: US$ 1200 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200)
» 13 February 2017 to 11 March 2017 :: US$ 1400 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200)
» 20 March 2017 to 15 April 2017 :: US$ 1400 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200)
» 24 April 2017 to 20 May 2017 :: US$ 1400 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200)
» 24 July 2017 to 19 August 2017 :: US$ 1400 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200)
» 28 August 2017 to 23 September 2017 :: US$ 1400 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200)
» 01 October 2017 to 28 October 2017 :: US$ 1400 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200)
» 06 November 2017 to 02 December 2017 :: US$ 1400 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200)
» 12 Feb 2018 to 10 March 2018 :: US$ 1600 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200)
»19 March 2018 to 14 April 2018 :: US$ 1600 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200)
» 23 April 2018 to 19 May 2018 :: US$ 1600 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200)
» 03 Sep 2018 to 29 Sep 2018 :: US$ 1600 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200)
» 08 Oct 2018 to 03 Nov 2018 :: US$ 1600 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200)
» 12 Nov 2018 to 08 Dec 2018 :: US$ 1600 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200)

Anandavan Yog Peeth
Holumba Haven
9th Mile, Rishi Road, Kalimpong,
Dist. Darjeeling, West Bengal 734301
US$ 1200 ~ 1400

Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

These are purification techniques prescribed in Hatha Yoga designed to make the body strong and healthy, and are considered as preparatory steps towards pranayama and meditation.
We will take you through various Asanas in a methodical manner, progressing onwards to increasingly advanced poses while laying a solid foundation as we progress. The nuances of each Asana will be explored in detail while connecting the postures with the science of Anatomy. This will allow a deeper understanding of the Asana while understanding and exploring our own bodies.
You will lean the science of Anatomy and physiology with enough detail to be able to understand the scientific reasoning behind the cuing, corrections and alignments of the poses. Also, this will lay the foundation to be able to teach with confidence and avoid injuries when you embark on your teaching journey.
This part of the training will provide the basic understanding of Yogic philosophy with the aim to provide a foundation so you would be able to explore the deeper aspects of the yogic way of life and provide a dimension that will enrich your overall yogic experience. We will explore concepts form Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, Shrimad Bhagwad Gita, SankhyaKarika and other classic Agamas of Yoga.
Pranayam, Chanting and Meditation
These are the foundations of higher yogic planes. You will learn the techniques to work with the energies present in your body to advance in the higher yogic practices. Enough practice will be provided so that you should be able to guide your students in the future.
Teaching practise and methodology
Sufficient time and emphasis is given to the actual practice of Teaching during the course. This will allow you to build confidence in your teaching abilities. You will get opportunity to design and conduct your own class. This will be built up slowly as you get more comfortable with your learning and start to apply it. Regular feedback will be given to you so you can evolve and start of the path to build your own unique style of teaching.
Evaluation and feedback is an important part of our training. Our small class size allows us to deeply interact with our students and give timely and continuous feedback. You will be expected to complete assignments and at least take one full class on your own during the training.

Monday to Friday

» 05:30 am - Wake Up
» 06:00 am - Herbal Tea
» 06:15 am - Shatkarma/Yogic cleansing
» 06:30 am - Pranayama and Chanting
» 07:30 am - Yoga Therapy | Yoga Asana
» 09:00 am - Breakfast
» 10:30 am - Yoga Therapy
» 11:30 am - Yoga Philosophy
» 12:30 pm - Lunch
» 03:30 pm - Yoga Anatomy
» 04:30 pm - Yoga Breathing | Yoga Nidra
» 05:00 pm - Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga Asana
» 06:45 pm - Pranayama | Meditation
» 07:15 pm - Dinner
» 10:45 pm - Lights Out


» 05:30 am - Wake Up
» 06:00 am - Herbal Tea
» 06:15 am - Shatkarma/Yogic cleansing
» 06:30 am - Pranayama and Chanting
» 07:30 am - Yoga Therapy | Yoga Asana
» 09:00 am - Breakfast
» 10:30 am - Film
» 12:30 pm - Lunch
» 03:30 pm - Special Topics and Week-in-Review Feedback
» 04:30 pm - Special Asana Class
» 07:15 pm - Dinner
» 10:45 pm - Lights Out

• Yogini Deepti, E-RYT 500

Deepti has been on her yoga journey since the last 12 years. She started teaching yoga in studios in New Delhi in 2008 and discovered very quickly that this was her calling in life. Ever since, she has been on this journey of learning and teaching. She completed her 200 and 300 RYT from RishikeshYogPeeth (RYP) under the tutelage of her Guru Roshan. She has been teaching 200 and 300 hour TTC courses in RYP since 2012.

Deepti's speciality is the traditional Indian Hatha Yoga. She is particularly interested in deepening her understanding of asanas through anatomy. As a natural evolution to her teaching, she decided to open her own TTC yoga school in Kalimpong. the dazzling Darjelling in East India where the tall Himalayas will nurture her yogic knowledge and the purity in air, water and earth allow more space to explore her inner self She hopes this will allow her to share her love for yoga with many more people.

• Norden

Brought up in the Himalayas, Norden has been helping his family run the Holumba Haven homestay since several years. He is deeply interested in his habitat - the mountains, flora, culture and history of the surrounding region of Kalimpong, Sikkim and Bhutan. He also runs an orchid nursery located inside Holumba, growing and exporting Himalayan orchids. He is involved in a local NGO that helps marginalized hill farmers. He is a repository of knowledge about local history and monasteries and Tibetan Buddhism. Norden is responsible for the general management of TripundYogPeeth and driving the strategic future expansion of the school.

• Thinlay

Thinlay looks after the overall management and operations of Holumba Haven homestay and manages the back office operations of our school. She puts her heart and soul into taking care of her guests and making sure their stay at Holumba is a memorable one. This commitment is reflected in Holumba receiving top reviews and ratings as the best place to stay in Kalimpong. Thinlay brings the same care and dedication to look after you in TripundYogPeeth.

• Nikhil

After spending thirty years in the electronic industry, Nikhil decided to quit and follow his interest in Yoga full time, and help his wife, Deepti, to set up her yoga school in East India. He has been practicing yoga since the last seven years and holds a RYT 200 from RishikeshYogPeeth. His primary interest is in the philosophical aspects of yoga which he has been studying since many years. He loves to discover parallel connections between ancient teachings and what science has discovered and is trying to understand.

The Yoga Place Kalimpong

Kalimpong is part of Darjeeling(of the Tea fame) district with a population of about 70 thousand. It is famous for its orchid nurseries, schools, monasteries and moderate climate. The town is scattered along a ridge saddle at an elevation of 1150 m to 1450 m. Kalimpong is situated on a tri-junction of Bhutan, Sikkim & West Bengal; Two passes into Tibet, Jelep la (4702 m) &Nathu la (4649 m), can be seen to the north-east. One can view the entire 180° panorama of the ChotenNigna range of Sikkim Himalayas with Kanchenjunga massif (8,686 m), the third highest peak in the world. In her majesty, she floats over the clouds with other giants like Kabru (7338 m), Pandim (6691 m) &Siniolchu 6888 (m).



We conduct our classes in a quaint place called Holumba Haven. Holumba has a delightful old-world charm about it. Spread in two acres, with six cottages that provide a total of sixteen rooms with attached toilets and running hot water. Together with a cosy dining area with a lounge and wi-fi, there is a small temple for meditation and a Yoga Hall. Holumba is conveniently located about a kilometre from the main town. Tripadvisor has rated Holumba as the best place to stay in Kalimpong – the queen among the Himalayas of famous Darjeeling city in East India.

Yoga Room

How to reach Kalimpong

By Air

For International travellers, the main points of entry are New Delhi Mumbai and Kolkata. Bagdogra (IXB) is the closest airport to Kalimpong. A number of flights are available from many major cities of India. Kolkata is the closest metropolis.

By Train

Nearest railhead is New Jalpaiguri (NJP) which is connected to all major cities of India. There are long distance Rajdhani Express Trains from New Delhi to NJP (22 hours) and multiple trains from Kolkata (overnight).

Onward to Kalimpong

Once you reach Bagdogra or New Jalpaiguri, you will have to travel onwards by road to reach Kalimpong. You can take a Taxi or we can arrange to pick you up. It is a very pleasant (2.5 hours) drive into the mountains to Kalimpong. Most of the flights from Delhi arrive in the afternoon, so you can reach Kalimpong by late evening.

Visa Tip

In order to avoid complications, please apply for a Tourist visa only! Purpose of your visit to India should be travel or tourism. Invitation letter is not required. Please do not mention about joining a yoga course on your visa application form to avoid any complication. You cannot get a study or yoga visa by registering for our course. Note that your visa's validity starts from the day of its issue! Please ensure your visa has sufficient validity for you to be able to complete your course and other travel in India You may want to explore the beautiful Himalayas and spend a couple of days touring around Darjeeling – who can skip the beauty of this East Indian paradise ?

Yoga Teacher Training India - Reviews

Yoga School - Anandavan Yog Peeth, India
Anandavan Yog Peeth: I am so grateful for all I have learned in just 4 weeks. My personal practice is transformed into something I am proud to call my own. I have built my confidence to teach yoga and continue to learn on my journey as a modern day yogi. Deepti, Nikhil and Abhisehk, you have touched my life in a way that has inspired me to grow as an individual. You are family to me.
Yoga Teacher Training in India
Date published: April 30, 2016

5 / 5 stars

A unique and memorable experience that incorporated the essential elements relating to the mind, body and spirit of yoga. This course does an excellent job at contextualizing the concept of Hatha Yoga and its founding philosophy, while you develop physically and technically as an instructor. It broadens your understanding of each asana and pranayama technique connecting the body, breath and mind. I am extremely glad I chose this course, as it is located in a beautiful location and instructed by well-intentioned instructors that embody the spirit of true Yoga.
Written by: Jocelyn Hirose

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