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Yoga is one of the most widely known terms of the present era. So many people all around the globe either practice it on a regular basis or at least interested in it. Here comes a question are they all practicing it in a similar manner or with differences. If one try to find out or dig into the topic, will come to know that Yoga is practiced in varieties, many schools of thoughts with vast range of approaches towards one common goal as Yoga. This makes Yoga a complicated subject with so many definitions. At the same time it's a virtue of Yogic practices, where anyone or everyone can practice it without being worried of a need to be similar with other practitioners.

Let's explore the Tradition or the Roots of Yoga

All the searches of the roots of Yogic Tradition leads to one common term called "Veda". Literally Veda means Wisdom. It was an oral tradition, in which all the aspects of Human evolution were deeply discussed. There is no exact valuation of the time of the history it belongs, many of the archeologists believe that it was as back as 10,000 years or may be more than that. It doesn't really matter how old the Tradition is, instead the more important thing is the concept it has. Nowadays Veda is available in written form and it's available as four major scriptures known as;

  • Rig Veda
  • Yajur Veda
  • Sam Veda
  • Atharva Veda

Each one of these scripture is as magnificent as you can ever think of; language of these scriptures is Sanskrit. In India people believe that Sanskrit is the language of Divine, just by learning Sanskrit a child goes through the process of complete brain development. So, it means that without knowing Sanskrit, we can't really understand or study Veda. That's true to a certain extent especially if we don't know that it was an oral Tradition. Still there are many Masters available and can explain Veda to non Sanskrit speaking people in their own languages.

Veda & Yoga

So, what exactly is the content of Veda? Mostly it is all about improving our external behavior as a human organism under different or difficult circumstances. It talks about the overall growth of human not just physical but also emotional and spiritual. We struggle in our life due to lack of understanding about how to deal situations and grow out of those experiences. According to Veda, Yoga is the tool we need as humanity to be sustainable and complementary not only to each other but also in relation with the Existence.