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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India

Goa has become a popular destination for the Yoga Teacher Training course. A Rishikesh Yogpeeth affiliated Yoga School in Goa, Yogsthanam, offers a well thought through 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program designed for beginners to intermediate yoga practitioners to experience a world class teaching.

If you are looking to participate in a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa, India then Yogsthanam, Rishikesh Yogpeeth is where your search ends. Rishikesh Yogpeeth and its affiliates have trained more than 10,000 teachers from 120 plus countries around the globe and you too can become a successful international yoga teacher after undertaking the training. We ensure that all yoga participants who come to us for the 200-hour yoga teacher training course return home with a much deeper understanding of traditional yoga and a unique yoga experience.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

The 200 Hour Teacher Training Course in Goa has been especially designed for beginner yoga teacher trainers who wish to further their education and specialise in teaching yoga to others. This introductory 200 yoga teacher training course is based on the Yoga Alliance standards and is conducted professionally keeping in mind all the techniques of Hatha yoga in mind. The experienced yoga instructors assist the yoga aspirants throughout the teacher training course and you will be able to enhance your yoga practice through careful instructions.

RYS 200 in Goa

The RYS 200 is recognised by Yoga Alliance USA for its 200 Hour Teacher Training Course. On completing the course, the aspirants can become international certified yoga teachers (RYT 200). The 200 Hour TTC designed by the RYS 200 will deepen your understanding of yoga and will enable you to become a confident and competent yoga instructor and practitioner. You will have on your finger-tips asana techniques evolved over centuries and the study of anatomy will help you execute and align the asana with grace and elegance. Additionally, there will be a focus on pranayama, meditation and mantra meditation. All these facets will enable you to experience the subtle aspects that yoga practice entails.

Daily Schedule for 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (TTC)

In keeping with the requirements of Yoga Alliance - USA, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India program follows a tight schedule where almost each of the 6 to 7 training hours in the day are assigned to some aspect of yoga. You could find the training intensive but enlightening. Depending on the yoga school the mornings can begin as early as 5:30 a.m. with meditation followed by some yoga postures and maybe some classes or lectures in philosophy or anatomy. Chanting and pranayama are also part of the schedule. During training you are provided with two to three yoga meals, fruit refreshments and green tea. Daily written homework is also the norm as that is how you will gain in-depth knowledge of the subject. Sleeping early is encouraged as that is part of yogic practice.

Time Activity
05:30 am Wake Up
06:00 am Herbal Tea
06:15 am Shatkarma/Yogic cleansing
06:30 am Pranayama and Chanting
07:30 am Yoga Asana
09:00 am Breakfast
10:30 am Yoga Anatomy
11:30 am Yoga Philosophy
12:30 pm Lunch
04:30 pm Yoga Breathing | Yoga Nidra
05:00 pm Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga Asana
06:45 pm Pranayama | Meditation
07:15 pm Dinner
10:45 pm Lights Out
Please note : Daily Schedule is subject to change - Rishikesh Yogpeeth

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